Sacha Baron Cohen Has Some Homosexual Fun

 - Jul 13, 2009
Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest release, Bruno, is a box office hit, but the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is apparently not very happy about this. They said "the movie… hit the gay community pretty hard and reinforce[s] some damaging, hurtful stereotypes."

After seeing the movie, it is easy to see that Bruno is an over-exaggeration of what people stereotypically deem to be "gay," but what the movie aims to point out is the ignorance of those uninformed and uneducated about this alternate lifestyle (and also to share a few laughs).

One thing is for certain, Sacha Baron Cohen had fun making this movie and people are having fun watching it. Take a look at this cluster to see 23 ways to have a ‘gay’ old time!