From Stair-Powered Buildings to Beautiful Sport Hotels

 - Jun 5, 2013
Creative and health-conscious minds have come up with these beautiful and efficient fitness-focused architectural designs; working out is made easier, since the building itself caters to the trainee's needs. Particular designs even motivate and sometimes even force people to work out -- take, for instance, the JF-Kit House that has a kinetically-powered building prototype.

The JF-Kit House by Elli Studio relies on energy generated by excercise. The many activity stations, such as its 'Power Living Room,' 'Spinning Kitchen,' and 'Triceps Greenhouse,' oblige its residents or visitors to stay active.

Eco-conscious architectural artist Michael Jantzen has several conceptual designs for stair-powered buildings. The Stair-Scape House would be powered by 180 steps that wrap around the house.

Workouts are encouraged in the hotel industry, too. The 'Sport Hotel' by m2r Architecture boasts its up-to-date gym facility. As its name suggests, the German hotel welcomes athletes who want to get away while keeping fit on vacation.