Michael Jantzen Designs a Self-Powered House Based on Stair Walking Energy

 - Jan 7, 2013
References: michaeljantzen
The newest project from Michael Jantzen is this stair-based, self-powered house called The Stair-Scape House.

Michael Jantzen is known for his functional art structures and continues his innovative designs with this new self-powered house. It can be used as a home, office or recreation space and is based in design on stairs. The most notable feature of the Stair-Scape House is the 180 steps that wrap around the house. Each of the steps sits on a piezoelectric tread plate, so every time you walk the stairs you're creating energy that is stored in batteries. That energy then supplements the house's energy needs. While it isn't a completely self-powered house, it does find an innovative way to reduce energy needs.