Matrix Gateway Complex is an Astounding Innovative Green Structure

 - Aug 20, 2011
References: smithgill &
This gigantic 180-meter cube, set to be located in Dubai, is called the Matrix Gateway Complex and is an eco-friendly and technologically innovative building design by Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture.

Acting as a gateway, the Matrix Gateway Complex will rest on a cove, harbor or lake and have a 54-square-meter hole in the structure itself, which will house a bridge on which drivers will pass and emerge on the other side. In addition, the building is designed to be its own "self-sustaining city" -- a 42-storey structure that features a "high-tech skin," which generates solar power and converts humidity into drinking water. The exterior is partly see-through and features screens comprising photovoltaic cells.

With a total floor area of a whopping 3 million square feet, the Matrix Gateway Complex will also include a hotel and fitness center, conference rooms, retail and office spaces and cultural and religious facilities, according to the designers.