Modular Stair-Scapes by Michael Jantzen Can Move from Parks to Rooftops

 - May 18, 2013
References: centralinteriordesign & michaeljantzen
Michael Jantzen's Stair-Scapes, in concept, will bring people together to exercise in a positive and environmentally conscious establishment. The stair-filled structure is designed to be exciting and attractive, to brighten the mood of the community in which it is placed.

The space-efficient structure can be placed anywhere from public parks or inside of airports to rooftops. Wherever it is situated, the Stair-Scape would be a fun place to hang out while promoting physical fitness. They could even be used for athletic training purposes.

This structure could potentially be programmed with solar panels or wind turbines for motion-sensitive music players, as well as real time feedback to athletes about the number of steps climbed, calories burned, etc.

Michael Jantzen focuses on creating visually intriguing models that exemplify break-through architectural designs that could potentially come to life.