From Fetching Grassy Footwear to Sculptural Burger Sandals

 - Jun 11, 2012
A summer staple, fierce flip flops are a necessity for sunny weather, and these finds take warm weather footwear to the next level.

Integrating functionality and even other shoe styles in some cases, these slip-on styles are worn often for good reason. Because they make a great template for interpretation, the flip flop has been the site of some amazing, laughable and downright ridiculous innovation. Despite being heelless and tongueless, there's a lot that can be done to a pair of non-naughty thongs. Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of these pairs is that they tend to be on the cheaper side of shoes. Though higher-end examples do exist, these rarely go over $100 and have even been sold for a dollar.

Easy, light and cheap, flip flops are here to stay and sure to undergo many more wild makeovers.