Swamisz Footwear

 - Sep 4, 2007
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The booming popularity of Yoga isn't letting up, and neither is the continued production of Yoga wear. Following in the footsteps of Lulu Lemon is Swamisz (swa-meez), the long-awaited footwear for deep-breathing, holistic fitness buffs.

Although they don't promise you enlightenment, the shoes were originally worn by many of India's 'Swamis' and Yoga Masters. This is a stylish way to keep your feet relaxed and free while providing superior support and functionality for your mat moves.

Swamisz are an evolution of the 'Paduka' shoe, a 5,000 year old look that was traditionally made out of wood. Today, the revered footwear of the gods hooks up understated oriental style with killer comfort and stand-out street savvy. They're held on with a toe plug and ankle strap -- nothing more.

"They don't flip-flop either. You can run in these kicks. Even moon-walking's not outta the question. In fact more you wear your Swamisz, the more you feel as though you're wearing nothing at all. Nada. Nil. Zilch."

As an added bonus, Swamisw are made of 100% natural rubber, a renewable resource, and come in funky, stenciled recycled cotton bags.

Taking care of the planet while taking care of your feet? How could anyone resist?