From Affectionate Video Games to Live Gaming Stunts

 - Mar 8, 2015
With Valentine's Day coming up, it's hardly a surprise that some of the top February 2015 games are romantic, poetic and a little sentimental. Great examples of this include Björn Borg's First Person Lover, which has players destroy villains with bubble guns and kisses, while Elegy for a Dead World by Dejobaan Games takes players on a journey through a beautiful world in order to teach them about history's romantic poets.

Another emerging pattern shows a rethinking in the way video games are traditionally played. Rather than relying on a handheld controller, the Skechers Damager Game Kicks include a game that can be played on the side of the sneakers, and Toronto's Real Escape Game brings the video game experience to real life. Similarly, gamers will definitely want to keep an eye out for Bud Light's Super Bowl ad this month, which features a fan playing a game of Pac Man in a gigantic life-sized maze.