Letterpress by NimbleBit is a Word Game Comprised of 200 Puzzles

 - Jan 26, 2015
References: itunes.apple & fastcodesign
Letterpress is the first Apple Watch game. Designers have been predicting what apps will look like on the highly anticipated smartwatch, yet this is one that people can actually expect to see. Dubbed Letterpress, the Apple Watch game focuses on words and is comprised of 200 different puzzles.

Created by NimbleBit, the masterminds behind Tiny Tower, the Apple Watch game is made up of a grid of nine letters that boast its own tappable button. This is much more convenient than using the watch's side dial. Simple and quick, this Apple Watch game opens up possibilities for other developers. Fast Co Design notes, "Even though it’s small, and even though it doesn’t have the same pixel-pushing power as its bigger relative, the iPhone, the Apple Watch could be the first mainstream wearable gaming device."