From Chrome Smartwatch Stands to Multi-Device Chargers

 - Nov 1, 2015
Apple Watch accessories are designed to make the Apple Watch experience more stylish or more convenient. These accessories range from docks and chargers to sleek wristbands.

The CharSpace wristband is a multifaceted charger that can charge any device while doubling as a wristband. The Bluelounge Kosta Coaster chicly displays the device while giving it power. When it comes to docks, the German-made OVA dock is crafted out of a rich dark wood and portrays a sleek design, while Ratio Product Lab's WatchDock is made of steel and ensures a secure placement every time.

These Apple Watch accessories also include fashionable accents such as the Hermes brown leather wristband. Casetify also offers a custom service, which allows users to create their own personalized band.