Don't Bet Money Against the Cepheus Software Cleaning You Out

 - Jan 14, 2015
References: uofa.ualberta & gizmag
Cepheus is a software program, developed by the Computer Poker Research Group at the University of Alberta, that has effectively perfected the heads-up limit Texas hold 'em variant of poker.

This version of poker is played with just a pair of players, fixed bet sizes and a limited number of raises. As a result, it offers fewer possible situations than Checkers for example.

Cepheus was programmed with the rules of this poker variant and twas then trained against itself. This was done by running the software for two months using more than four thousand central processing units, each considering over six billion hands a second.Over a billion billion hands were played, with the software learning and improving with each hand.

It's not all about fun and games however; this research could help drive other algorithmic processes that could be used for anything from coast guard patrolling to airport checkpoint management.