From Solid Gold to Beer Bottle Built Faux Christmas Trees

 - Nov 26, 2012
Right about now a lot of people are pulling out the tinsel and wreaths to get started on their holiday decorations, so it's a perfect time to explore some innovations in the world of faux Christmas trees.

For environmental as well as convenience reasons a lot of people choose to go with faux Christmas trees instead of natural ones. With that said, it makes perfect sense that there are so many different kinds of faux Christmas trees up for grabs.

One option is to go uber-luxury like the pure gold Christmas tree made by Tokyo-based jewelry designer Ginza Tanaka. Although, with a price tag of $4.2 million, you might not have enough left over for the gifts that go under it. You might also try putting those empty beer bottles to use like Heineken did when they made a Christmas tree out of 1,000 beer bottles.