Ginza Tanaka Unveils the World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree

 - Nov 25, 2012
References: straitstimes & bornrich
Tokyo-based jewelry designer Ginza Tanaka has just unveiled the world’s most expensive christmas tree, which is estimated at $4.2 million.

Outdoing his last year's gold Christmas tree creation, which cost $2 million, the new version is a 2.4 metre structure that is made out of 48kg of pure gold. The tree is adorned with 50 gold silhouettes of the most beloved disney characters as well as gold-leaf made ribbons, which are draped along the tiers. Ten master craftsmen were responsible for this extravagant piece, which took them two months to create.

For those interested in this lavish item, the ornately crafted gold tree is up for sale as is a smaller scaled model, which is going for $243,000. Though this may be too much for most, those that can afford the most expensive christmas tree is getting it at a great price, according to Ms.Tomoko Ishibashi who works in the marketing department of the jewelry store.