These Regal Accessories are Chic and Avant-Garde

 - Feb 1, 2012
Fashionable crowns are making waves, featured on international runways and on the pages of the world's leading fashion bibles. From jewel-encrusted headdresses to princess-inspired paper crowns, these regal accessories are stylishly chic, highly conceptual and avant-garde.

These awe-inspiring accessories add life to any high-fashion editorial spread and have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Featured in royalty-inspired shoots and regal runway shows, fashionable crowns are gaining momentum thanks to fearless trend-setters like pop icon Lady Gaga.

From fierce headdresses to animal inspired accessories, these dynamic and vibrantly designed pieces have a one-of-a-kind aesthetic with a bold design. Whether rocking a tiara, a vintage crown or tribal totem, these crowned creations are here to stay. From conceptual plastic comb crowns and LED headdresses to luxe diamond encrusted headwear, fashionable crowns dare to be different, breaking style barriers and daring to stand apart from the crowd.