The Fashion156 'Headwear' Editorial Shot by Fabrice Lachant

Shot by photographer Fabrice Lachant, the Fashion156 'Headwear' editorial featuring model duo James Cooper and Marc Massa features the guys donning a mix of mesh sweaters, blazers, leather jackets, leopard prints, Mongolian-inspired long robes, as well as other contemporary and quirky pieces.

However, as the title suggests, the clothes are not the main highlights of the shoot. Instead, viewers are supposed to focus on the wide array of headwear that Cooper and Massa are spotted wearing.

Set in an industrial landscape of metal containers, railway tracks and old factory buildings, the Fashion156 'Headwear' editorial by Fabrice Lachant showcases different headgear, including the Roman gold laurel leaf headdress, songkok, fedoras, quirky colored helmets, flamboyant accessorized hats and even a Donnie Darko-inspired mask.