Mohawk Headdress by Vivian Chiu is Made of Spiny Timber Ribbons

 - Jun 8, 2011
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Beauty may be pain, but fashion can also be impractical, and the epitome of this idea is communicated in this Mohawk Headdress by Vivian Chiu. Not necessarily designed to be worn, the unusual project was executed as an exploration of materials.

The peculiar headpiece is made from bending and twisting thin bands of wooden veneers back against themselves. The result reveals graceful curves and splendid convergences of the malleable medium that looks to model something similar to a ribcage. In shaping a cavity roughly the size of one's head, the artistic indigenous-inspired object can be easily worn. One may not, however, chose to don this disguise, as the Mohawk Headdress by Vivian Chiu does an equally good job of concealing the world from the wearer.