From Memorable Pop Culture Masks to Reversed Remixes

 - Jul 21, 2012
These fan film poster makeovers show the extent of cinema's allure. Cult followers for staples like The Godfather, Fight Club and even the dearest Harry Potter series soak up as much juicy trivia as possible, immersing themselves in the film's culture.

It is with this undying love that the design-savvy generation of today are inspired to create their own movie posters. Re-inventing one's own poster versions for one's favorite movies is common, especially since everybody has their own idea of how they can be best summed up and represented.

Since the clean, simple and minimalist look is common in interior design and brand marketing as of late (just take a look at Apple's packaging), many posters are revamped to include single images on solid-color backgrounds. In doing so, mystery and aesthetic appeal are evoked.