Noma Bar's Minimalist Illustrations Narrate a Film's Story

 - Jun 12, 2011
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Noma Bar sure is crafty to have come up with these minimalist movie posters that also cleverly hide the films' plot within their seemingly plain shapes. If you don't believe me, just look at the first picture in this gallery, which perfectly illustrates Snatch as a diamond heist movie featuring a bearded Brad Pitt. And Bar isn't just a one-trick wonder, either: all of his posters are equally intelligent and idiosyncratic.

Among the movies featured in Noma Bar's illustrations are Snatch, Hellboy, Scarface, Serpico, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Stand by Me, Rambo, Reservoir Dogs and Papillon. You'll also find fun little warnings in the corners of each poster, warning viewers of any inappropriate content that may arise during the viewer's screening of the film.