From Appliance-Free Kitchens to Computing Stovetops

 - Sep 14, 2011
Futuristic designers should take inspiration from at least one of these exquisite Electrolux kitchen appliances to stay ahead of their competitors. For those that are unaware, Electrolux is a Swedish appliance maker that creates some of the most hi-tech vacuums, microwaves, ovens and stoves.

Needless to say, Electrolux has a big influence in what the appliances of the future will look like and be capable of. If any of these exquisite Electrolux appliances are an indication, then the kitchen will soon be filled with high-tech appliances that make cooking, storing food and cleaning dishes a breeze. If you have ever wondered what a jelly refrigerator looks like, then check out these exquisite Electrolux appliances for some futuristic inspiration on kitchen decor.