The Origin Innovative Homefarmer Frees You Sustainably

 - Jun 12, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Designer Arthur Kenzo is predicting a global food crisis in roughly two generations' time, and his solution is the introduction of the Electrolux Origin Innovative Homefarmer into every house.

Doubtful that the earth will be able to support the raising of livestock for meat for much longer, this concept suggests that a plant-based diet would best suit a sustainable population.

However, with little fertile land compared to the mouths that must be fed, nourishment will have to be grown at home. This small kitchen appliance is a dual compartment chamber, jointly optimized for the seeding and storing of fruits and vegetables on a scale fit to satisfy the needs of a small household. An absolute need for the Origin Innovative Homefarmer may not be upon us to date, but the adoption of such newfangled fruit bowls into the domestic setting can begin to aid our planet now.