The Sous-Vide Cell Cooker Slowly Warms the Week's Meals

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: tuvie & yankodesign
Busy people often refuse to believe that slow cookers are genuinely time and labor-saving appliances, and the Sous-Vide Cell Cooker by Adam Miklosi can prove it like no other.

Boasting absolute efficiency and the ability to organize your lunches and dinners up to a week in advance, this hi-tech culinary contraption is an absolute dream come true. The tripartite circular form of the device allows for different types of food preparation to occur at once, accommodating everything from chilled storage in airtight plastic sacks to gentle heating by a bath of 140°F water. The innovative oven strives to avoid altering the chemical structure of healthy edibles, which can occur when high temperatures are applied too quickly or for too long. But overall, the Sous-Vide Cell Cooker excels at serving up cutting-edge convenience, and it deserves its place as a finalist in the Electrolux Design Lab 2011.