From Paint-Oozing Lights to Blood-Splattered Furniture

 - May 8, 2012
It is hard to call a place home sweet home without some personal touches, which is why these examples of dripping decor are filled with conversation-worthy character. Even if the residence in question is a cookie-cuter townhouse, it is easy to inject some personality with off kilter furnishings and artwork. The fixtures and furniture take inspiration from a number of slimy sources such as paint, wax and blood.

Many of these fixtures appear to be straight out of Dali’s famous painting, ‘The Persistence of Memory.’ The dripping forms bring a certain organic quality to traditional geometric designs. Add a little pizazz to the dining room with an oozing chronograph or jazz up the bathroom with some liquified counter mirrors. Whether you are an eccentric interior decorator or a statement hunting home owner, these examples of dripping decor are sure to stir up some dinnertime conversations.