- Aug 5, 2010   Updated: Jun 15 2011
These awesome doodle-inspired innovations will have you reminiscing of your childhood years. Whether you were "paying attention" in class or bored on the phone, it always seemed like a good time to pick up a pen and scribble away to pass the time.

From designer doodle sleeves to personalized graffiti designs, these doodle-inspired innovations will spark your creativity while letting you relive your younger self.

Implications - As the industry continues to become more and more driven by modern and cutting-edge technology, there is often a longing for products that can generate nostalgic sentiments from past times. Companies and businesses with products that can transport a consumer back to happier or more simpler times through their use will appeal to a large group within society.

From Therapeutic Doodle Blogs to Whiteboard Walls: