- May 30, 2018
From Balenciaga to Louis Vuitton, luxury designer brands are releasing designer sneakers that appeal to all manner of fashion fanatics regardless of their interest in athletic pursuits.

Made from a variety of materials, Gucci's SEGA Silhouette sneaker is a unique combination of cult brands. Chunky and bejeweled in nature, the Gucci SEGA Silhouettes feature the "GUCCY" logo in SEGA's signature font and come in several colorways. The designer sneakers are just one example of unique retro gaming-inspired luxury collaborations to be released in recent months.

Separately, a recent collaboration between Converse and Virgil Abloh of OFF-WHITE (and now Louis Vuitton) has seen the launch of a 1970's-inspired pair of transparent Chuck Taylors. The see-through kicks include text written in Abloh's signature style such as "Vulcanized," "Right," "Left," and "Shoelaces."

From Chunky Bejeweled Kicks to Statement Logo High-Tops: