COMME Des GARÇONS Debuted a New Design at an Imaginative Show

The bold platform sneaker by COMME des GARÇONS and Nike debuted at a whimsically outrageous fashion show line up that promoted "deconstructed Betty Book knitwear," highly imaginative asymmetrical silhouettes and mix-fabric use for various flower-inspired outfits. In the midst of the overwhelming array of extravagant outfits, the Nike Cortex bold platform sneakers were a recurring footwear element and an anchor point that brought some balance to the chaotic presentation of textile art.

The head designer Rei Kawakubo shares that "she was inspired by Susan Sontag's 1964 essay 'Notes on Camp'"— a notorious academic piece that won the writer intellectual notoriety.

Expressing moments of sensibility and a Renaissance in creativity, COMME Des GARÇONS honors the literary work with a fundamentally emotion-evoking runway and a pair of collaborative bold platform sneakers.

Photo Credits: Bertrand Guay