- Feb 1, 2019
Crystal-infused beauty products are truly an ideal gift for Valentine's Day due to both ethereal aesthetic and calming functionality. Rose Quartz is one of the gems that sees the most love in this category. From the delicate and relaxing feeling of Herbivore Botanicals' gemstone massage roller on the skin to the illuminating effect of KORA Organics' crushed crystal highlighters, the offerings really extend across skincare categories.

The crystal-infused beauty products are yet another example of how aesthetics and mysticism inform the morning and evening self-care rituals. The stone is responsive to and opens up the heart chakra, allowing the influx of unconditional love and positive energy. It is because of these properties that the rose quartz crystal-infused beauty products are good not only for the skin and wellbeing but also for the upcoming romantic holiday.

From Gem-Shaped Mini Face Masks to Carved Crystal Eye Massagers: