KORA Organics' Newest Skin Luminizers Contain Clear Quartz & Amethyst

 - Aug 10, 2018
References: us.koraorganics
Miranda Kerr's KORA Organics previously released a Rose Quartz Luminizer featuring finely crushed crystal and now, it is launching two all-new skin luminizers featuring clear quartz and brilliantly hued purple amethyst. Like the original organic highlighter featuring crushed rose quartz, the Clear Quartz Luminizer and the Amethyst Luminizer contain powdered versions of the crystals they are named after.

Some of the nourishing organic ingredients that can be found in the formulas include noni fruit extract, coconut and rosehip oils, which are said to help boost one's natural radiance. Additionally, as the products are infused with crystals, they are also said to pass along unique healing energies—the clear quartz highlighter is said to share harmony, calmness and clarity, while the amethyst highlighter amplifies positivity, motivation and balance.

Crystal-inspired and -infused beauty and personal care products have now gone mainstream, catering to consumers who want to simultaneously promote spirituality and self-care.