The New Herbivore Body Oil is a Solution for Dry Skin

 - Jul 11, 2018
References: sephora
The new Herbivore body oil is inspired by the gemstone rose quartz, and is able to hydrate and beautify users' skin.

Herbivore, a skincare brand that prioritizes natural ingredients, ensured that the Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil could be certified as "clean" by Sephora, giving naturality-minded consumers more incentive to purchase the product. The oil itself features a shimmering, pale pink color that gives the skin a beautiful glow upon application. It contains ingredients like camellia and orchid extract, Moroccan rose and jasmine grandiflorum.

The Hebivore body oil product is cruelty-free, avoids harmful ingredients, and doesn't clog pores, making it the perfect item to enhance the appearance of skin in the warm and humid summer months.