- Feb 21, 2018
These convenience-focused AI innovations demonstrate just how much easier online shopping, photography, social media strategy, and even recruiting can be with the proper integration of advanced technology.

As CES 2018, Suning and Emotibot revealed 'Sue,' a smart bot that's intended to function as a shopping assistant at in-store retail locations. The bots are able to identify up to 22 emotional reactions, and cater its conversations to them, as well as what a shopper says. In addition, the bot can decipher a shopper's gender, age, hair color and style, skin type, and much more. This allows it to offer targeted recommendations, increasing profits for the retailer while streamlining the experience for the shopper at the same time.

Also featured is Freda, a feminine care subscription service that's also based on AI. Freda works by predicting a user's average cycle length, and then sends them eco-friendly products that suit their specific needs. In addition to making the purchase process easier, a portion of each subscription goes to causes that help those who can't afford the feminine care products that they need.

From Friendly Hiring Bots to Autonomous Retail Platforms: