'DeepSense' Uses Shared Public Data to Put Together One's Profile

 - Dec 2, 2017
References: frrole.ai & wersm
For many Internet users, it can be a challenge to come up with a personal or professional profile that accurately capture's one's entire essence, especially when social media profiles are restricted to a certain number of characters—DeepSense promises to help with its AI profile generator.

DeepSense by Frrole uses machine learning and natural language processing to pull publicly shared information from across the Internet, including social media sites like Instagram, Klout and Stack Overflow. Amarpreet Kalkat, the co-counder and CEO of Frrole explains that "one thing people don’t realize is that how little data is required to start making deductions about you."

For each profile developed by the artificial intelligence system, users have various aspects of their mood and personality traits deciphered, as well as their interests revealed along with which other users they tend to interact with online.