From Mike Tyson Pushing Angry Birds to Tracy Morgan for MioFi

 - Feb 12, 2013
Commercials featuring celebrities have long been popular among the general public and some of the best ads of this kind have been released around this time of year. The Super Bowl ad frenzy always brings out the biggest and the best -- that usually that involves a celebrity or two.

This year, the audience saw a Mercedes-Benz commercial that featured Usher, William Dafoe and Kate Upton. Serious star power like that can draw attention to a commercial due to name recognition alone. When ad agencies can actually build a solid concept around such big names, the possibilities are endless.

We’ve also seen a wide range of celebrities appear in commercials: from A-listers like Penelope Cruz to niche celebrities like Mike Tyson. They all have a place, one way or another, in influencing audiences to buy into a brand or product.