From Rewarding Coffee Memberships to Discount-Finding Cafe Apps

 - May 11, 2015
These coffee reward services range from exclusive drink memberships to mobile apps that search for nearby cafe discounts. Society's tech obsession has made coffee payment and ordering apps a growing fad and consumer rewards an added perk for subscribers.

Standouts include the Starbucks 'Gold Benefits' system that offers users a gold card, discounts and free products to its members. The exclusive card is given to loyal Starbucks customers who are able to build up their purchase history. Overall, the system offers countless discounts and ultimately saves users money over time.

When looking at other examples from this list, the idea of sign up and save services is prevalent. Whether saving points, time or money, member-focused discounts are key when examining popular coffee house models. From Tim Horton's Tim Times app -- a platform that lets users avoid line-ups at their favorite locations -- to Coffee Who's networking subscription service -- an app that connects subscribers to professional contacts within their industry -- coffee rewards are constantly evolving as major brands work to make one's morning ritual more experiential and worth-while.