Cuppow's Cup Club Helps Consumers Save Money and the Environment

 - Nov 13, 2015
References: cuppow
Cuppow came into fame with the introduction of its drinking lids for Mason jar cups—and to further encourage people to use these reusable cups and embrace a more sustainable way to drink on the go, it began an initiative called the Cup Club.

The Cub Club works in the same style as many other customer loyalty programs for coffee shops. With participating cafes, a chalkboard is set up to display a scoreboard for the number of people who have come into the shop with their own cup. For every 10th person that brings in their own beverage container, their drink is complimentary.

Rather than requiring an app download or individual commitment, this low-tech rewards system encourages all the patrons of a coffee shop to work together to enjoy the benefits of saving the environment one cup at a time.