From Arboreal Lattice Ledges to Building Block Brew Holders

 - Jul 16, 2012
These clustered cubed cubbies are certainly space-saving and aesthetically enigmatic. Since many stacked structures are tall and wide, they are sure to fill up any room with their monstrous presence and personality.

The structured frames add strength to the space and are versatile, acting as dividers, wall decorators or simple storage solutions. Due to the practical square configuration, these pieces may be put into corners or can stand alone without being obtrusive. These no-nonsense furnishings are super functional as they are not only a statement in themselves, but make space for anything from books, sound systems, decorations or even your pet cat.

Cubbies are the perfect frugal finds for small apartments, coming in various styles that suggest a design-conscious and crate-chic individual.