The Bookcase 45x Balances Impossibly from the Cubbies' Corners

 - Jan 5, 2012
You really want to make sure your shelving is secure before you tuck tens of pounds onto each ledge, but at first glance, the Bookcase 45x does not instill much confidence of stability. However, you need not worry about the whole arrangement toppling down because designer Gabi Malacha has devised a clever system to keep each storage box in place.

Every modular shelf kit comes with several sets of L-shaped wooden mantels, screws and notched wooden pedestals. The collection permits the user to quite easily flatly stack each timber box one atop the other, but these clever accessories allow them to take impressively precarious tilted configurations. Great for stashing books, DVDs and CDs at any angle, the Bookcase 45x brings a rare added dimension to your domestic furnishings.