Urban Cat Design Creates Handmade Cat-Friendly Furniture for Cat Owners

 - May 11, 2011
References: indoarch & urbancatdesign
Urban Cat Design creates handmade furniture for people with cats that will match any modern interior and fit in with your house design! With the well-being of cats as the company's primary concern, it has set out to create furniture that will bring cats enjoyment and minimize the scratching and eating of your furniture, therefore combining the needs of your cat with your own personal needs as a homeowner.

Five different products are available from Urban Cat Design -- the catcase, the catinet, the catscratch, the catledge and the catcube. The catcase is both a bookcase and a cat tree in one, while the catinet is both a cabinet and a littler box storage unit so you don't have to see and smell your cat's disposal units. The catscratch is designed to emulate the corners of your sofa that your cat is known to scratch, and finally, the catledge is a "modern multi-functional cat shelf available in three shapes (rectangle, round and triangle). Besides being a great place to scratch, it is a comfortable place to sleep and play".

This line of cat furniture from Urban Cat Design is perfect for new homeowners who want to ensure the well-being of their cat while still preserving the integrity (and smell) of their home!