From Floating Cat Shelves to Integrated Feline Furniture

 - Nov 19, 2013
These feline-friendly shelves are perfectly suited for any pet owner looking to give their furry companions an elevated perch to rest upon.

When it comes to satisfying feisty felines, providing them with adequate toys and furnishings to challenge them on a daily basis is key to keeping them healthy. And by providing wall-mounted furnishings and shelving units that go as high as the ceiling, pet owners are able to provide practical places for kitties to jump and stretch whenever they need to. Allowing felines to gain a viewpoint from high above, these feline-friendly shelves will definitely make any kitty feel more at home. From colorfully stacked cat apartments to slumbering pet shelves, these playful feline furniture designs will definitely showcase to others just how much of a dedicated cat owner you really are.