The Esedra Domino Shelf Draws Branchlike Shadows Indoors

 - Jan 13, 2012
References: & trendir
The natural world offers a cornucopia of visual delights which are difficult to recreate in man-made environments. The Esedra Domino Shelf is inspired by the intricate patterns of nature's design, from the intertwined tree branches to the elaborate silhouettes they leave on the forest floor.

Studio Batoni developed an abstract adaptation of arboreal boughs to produce chic and contemporary pieces which acts as furniture and sculpture simultaneously. The storage system comprises a collection of modular cubbies, taking squared and rectangular frames with exquisite backings of branch-like fretwork.

The painted wooden boxes look striking in front of walls of contrasting colors but the Esedra Domino Shelf is most intriguingly employed as a partition. When arranged parallel to a window, the divine dual-purpose divider casts complex shadows onto the floor before it.