The Standard Numero 4 Vegetalise Affords and Orderly Arrangement of Plants

 - Jun 2, 2012
References: muuuz &
It may be rooted in the human urge to control the unpredictable disposition of nature, but there's something so charming about the way that the Standard Numero 4 Vegetalise looks. The clever shelf-like structure itself has been designed as a collaboration between Marc Ferrand and Mathieu Jacobs, but the Jardins, Jardin arrangement for Tuileries makes the piece particularly endearing.

Despite its seemingly rigid composition, the storage system has a more organic side. It is assembled using simple rectangular wooden panels with incised slots, capable of fitting together to form stacked cubbies without any need for hardware nor adhesives. A soft woodgrain texture provides subtle rustic detail that greatly complements the lush grassy contents of the boxes. The side-suspended planters of the Standard Numero 4 Vegetalise enhance this puzzle-like concept.