The Reinhard Deines 'Dickens' Bookshelf is Sustainably Chic

 - Dec 19, 2011
References: fashionforhome & trendir
The concept of the Reinhard Deines 'Dickens' bookshelf seems so sleek and simple that it's a wonder why the cardboard creation isn't a standard decor staple.

The shelving unit that stands tall with strategically cut-out compartments holds books, magazines, and trinkets in a totally eco-friendly fashion. Basically it's made of up recyclable cardboard sheets stacked together to provide a solid structure with weighty width, but the array of colors it comes in keeps it looking freshly modern. The piece of decor costs a pretty penny though, ringing in at $369 which is actually half of the original price.

If you want to store your literary classics in an a recyclable way to prove you're both well-read and environmentally conscious, the Reinhard Deines 'Dickens' bookshelf is a modern masterpiece to use!