The A2 Angle Shelf Functions Despite and Due to its Peculiarity

 - Oct 12, 2011
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The amusing A2 Angle Shelf is whimsically reminiscent of the offhand alterations made to a standard storage system with stiffly staggered ledges. If the user is left with a book too big to fit into the uniformly spaced shelves, he might be forced to skew the level surface to accommodate his more awkward possessions.

But there are in fact numerous benefits to forgetting horizontality in the assembly of a shelving unit, which can be cleverly accomplished so long as vertical supports are securely in place. Think about what happens to rows of novels without bookends, and the way that they keel over constantly when burdened with a balancing act. Therefore, the idiosyncratic A2 Angle Shelf is particularly practical because it capably contains items of various sizes, and those that are much more inclined to lean.