From Transparent Sacred Chapels to Spikey Seed Sanctuaries

 - Jan 31, 2012
These clever churches are sure to pique your interest even if you're not a devote Christian. In recent years religious architecture has taken a modern and creative turn. Abandoning the usual peaks and spires, these sensational sanctuaries are true stunners. Soothing, serene and dazzling, these curious chapels are sure to capture your interest.

From curvaceous nail-less churches to technicolor temples, religious spaces have undergone an intriguing facelift. Exciting and visually stimulating, these clever churches may inspire you to say a prayer or two. A few pious environments have found a second life and purpose after being transformed into chic living spaces or rowdy bars. Lending their classic religious styling to unlikely surroundings, these converted temples are quirky and awe-inspiring.

Intriguing, creative and gorgeous, these clever churches look like they were heaven sent.