Buy Your Space on The World's Largest Cross

 - Oct 28, 2007
References: nazarethcross
For anywhere between $50 and $300 you can purchase your own tiles on what will be the world's largest cross. Targeted to be 60 meters tall, The Nazareth Cross will be decorated by 7.2 million customizable tiles.

The project website explains, "The Nazareth Cross Project aims to build the world's largest and most impressive cross, standing at 60 meters tall, housing a magnificent church in its center. The cross will be decorated by some 7.2 million brilliant mosaic tiles of varying sizes, each one with a personal engraving. These tiles will be made of stone from Nazareth, or platinum, silver or gold. The breathtaking Church with its panoramic view will be located at the intersection of the arms of the cross, 15 stories high, and will contain over 400 m2 of floor space. In the 8000 m2 surrounding this monumental cross, a visitor center will be built to offer a unique inspirational experience as well as a world-class educational and leisure center."

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