- Mar 2, 2011
Poor Christina Aguilera, it seems the former Grammy winner can't get a break this year. The 30 year old new mom was taken in by police for public intoxication. Shortly after the news of her arrest, Aguilera's booking photo was made public. Take a look at gallery for more mean mugging, from online criminal mortification to incarcerated art. My personal favorite are the ironic mugshots, which is a medley of hilarious fashion mistakes worn by those taken into custody. More recently Trend Hunter featured artwork by Karin Jurick, who completed exquisitely detailed oil paintings of over 100 criminal faces.

This collection of mug shots, inspired by the bleary-eyed Christina Aguilera booking photo, goes to show that a celebrity's private embarrassing moment almost always comes to public light.

Inspired by the Release of the Christina Aguilera Booking Photo: