Amazing Archive of Criminal Portraits by Least Wanted

 - Apr 23, 2009
References: flickr & woostercollective
"Least Wanted" is probably a more appropriate term than "Most Wanted" for this collection of people featured in the gallery above. They are from a fascinating archival collection by the artist known as Least Wanted.

Least Wanted has gathered a unique selection of 10,000 criminal mugshots from way back in 1870 to more recent years. The pictures are stunning and you are drawn in by the almighty curiosity as to who they are, and not least what they have done to land in one of these shots.

The photos range from killers to crooks, hookers, small-time burglars, and big-time mafioso bosses. Thrilling and chilling at the same time-just brilliant. See more on Least Wanted’s flickr page.