35 Macabre Chic Skulls (Carrie Underwood Is A Fan!)

 - Sep 11, 2008   Updated: Aug 2 2011
Carrie Underwood is making no bones about her fashion savvy. Skulls and cross bones are one of the hippest fashion symbols at the moment, so her macabre messenger bag is very de rigueur.

The one time symbol of rebels, the morbid skull graphic is now an idyllic status icon flaunted by fashionable women and countless A-list celebrities.

The gallery shows some examples of how skulls are being used by in-the-know modern designers.

Implications - My favorite of the bunch has got to be the skull with Superman's iconic moniker embedded onto its forehead. Sure, it'd be easy to engrave the "S" logo into the head with some sharp tools, but the creators of the skull decided to use diamonds instead. What a decadent death.