'Animatus' Pop Palaeontology by Hyungkoo Lee

 - Aug 20, 2008
References: hyungkoolee.net & telegraph
Animatus is the brilliant work of Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee. He produced a science style exhibition of his skeletons of cartoons, as if they were truly real animal species! His work has been described as "pop palaeontology" a term for when an artist imagines what the 3-D internal structures might look like of 2-D characters.

Can you spot Bugs Bunny? Donald Duck and his three nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie? The Road Runner? Wile E Coyote? Even Tom and Jerry?

His meticulously created sculptures are made from resin,aluminium sticks, steel wires, springs and oil paint. "Animatus" is currently exhibiting at the Natural History Museum in Basel, Switzerland.