From Androgynous Cosmetic Captures to Contrasting Tomboy Photoshoots

 - Feb 26, 2013
This collection of bowl cut fashion finds helps highlight some of the most cutting-edge shoots from the world's top designers. The bowl cut has some relatively negative connotations as being for little boys and those who want to quickly shed their locks.

In actuality, the bowl cut has evolved to become something of an oddity amongst the other more dramatic fashion features that are often featured. The cut helps to accentuate the edgy persona of the men and ladies that are featured in the shoot. What better way to draw attention to the sharp edge of a personality than to have a cut that strongly correlates?

These bowl cut fashion finds would've likely not existed a decade ago or so because of the cut's turbulent past, but what's clear is that the bowl cut definitely has a place in the future fashion world.