From Whimsical Avian Lighting to Chirping Time-Tellers

 - Jun 8, 2012
These bird-inspired home decor pieces prove nature is an enchanting source of inspiration for designers. These delightful nestlings have existed since the dawn of time, yet they continue to fascinate creative minds alike.

Bird nests, cages, songs and the fine feathered friends themselves have been integrated into everything from furniture to fixtures. These pint-sized creatures are natural-born engineers, constructing nests and homes that can weather even the strongest storms. They are also visually majestic with their arching wings and intricately colored feathers.

Cuddle up in a giant bird nest complete with pillows that hug you from all sides. There are also subtle ways to integrate avian architecture with details like swooping shelves and curvaceous chairs. If you are looking to bring Mother Nature into your dwelling, check out these bold bird-inspired home decor items.