Chicken Footstools Accent Your Home with High Farm Interior Fashion

 - Jun 3, 2012
References: thecitygirlfarm &
While ottomans can come in many shapes and forms, you likely haven't seen anything like these Chicken Footstools. They succeed because they meet the practical requirements of foot props, as low supports with sturdy footings and a softness to the touch.

Beyond these criteria, such objects can truly take whichever shape the designer chooses. Thecitygirlfarm has settled on the form of a hen. They cluckingly cute home accessories come in a small size and a slightly larger one, featuring four birds in total.

Betty, Little Betty, Ruby and Little Ruby have each been made with a core of a fallen log. Fluffy hand-felted wool gives the Chicken Footstools their plushy plumage, and beaks and feet of cast bronze emphasize their exquisite sculptural qualities.